About HolyAyodhya

Launched in October 2023, HolyAyodhya.com, A tourism centric portal developed by Clues Network Private Limited (Known as Shopclues.com), is an initiative of Ayodhya Development Authority and Government of Uttar Pradesh, aiming to offer seamless online solutions for homestays, dharamshala and hotel bookings. This platform is coupled with an array of additional services designed to enhance your spiritual journey. We understand the unique needs of pilgrims visiting to Ayodhya with our commitment of providing a holistic travel experience. HolyAyodhya.com is here to simplify your travel arrangements, ensuring a comfortable and spiritually uplifting visit to this sacred destination with our:

- Curated selection of Homestays/Dharamshala/Hotels, ranging from budget-friendly options to luxurious retreats

- Additional services, including Ayodhya specific merchandising, transportation solutions, personalized tour packages, knowledgeable guides, sightseeing excursions, and more.

- Information about Ayodhya, including popular places of interest, cultural highlights, events, ongoing development work, parking information and more.

We aim to make your pilgrimage to Ayodhya a seamless and memorable experience. As of now, we have around 200+ Homestays in Ayodhya and its nearby places. We are incrementally improving our network to provide the best services to pilgrims visiting to Ayodhya.

In case of queries and feedback, please write to us at enquiries@holyayodhya.com